Monday, 30 September 2013

download Microsoft WINDOWS 7 FULL SP1 [Spanish, English] [all versions 32 / 64 bits in 1 instalator ISO] [+crack Loader 1.9.7.exe y Remove.wat]

UPDATED (01 - September - 2014)
For slow Internet conexions and situations set time, a compressed version of Windows 7 SP1, faster downloading (also best alternaticva on PCs and laptops low capacity):
- Typically 3.99 Gb size
- Without SP1 (or SP1 can download it later with Windows Automatic Updates)
- Language: Spanish, English, but you can change the system by downloading the other language pack with Windows Automatic Updates)

Download included activators "Loader.exe" y "Remove.wat"

-CPU: Intel Pentium or AMD processor 500Mhz and all subsequent marks
-Memory: 256 MB of RAM.  Free hard disk space: 3GB.  DVD-ROM
Size: 4.05 Gb fragmented into 8 parts winrar. Links in this web:
(protected link, advertising load and click "SKIP THIS AD" or "SALTAR PUBLICIDAD" and leads to the download site) 
- Download the 8 parts that are under the title "DEVELOPED10.S2K " the end of the web (510 Mb each part ... patience!) Meet the 8 parts in a folder and decompress with winrar (key: FREE) to obtain the file "DEVELOPEDS10.S2K"...... changed its name and extension to "" getting so compressed zip folder .... the unzipped folder and will gain the folder "DEVELOPEDS10" (if you like change the name of the folder to "Windows 7")
- And presto ..... this folder "DEVELOPEDS10" or "Windows 7 SP2" or as they like to call it is the entire folder "Windows 7 SP1 Installer" !!
And sorry for the excessiveness of name changes, extensions, passwords, etc .... tide a little ... is for the servers do not find that is Windows 7 Installer, if it finds it clears for violating copyright


Monday, 2 September 2013

download Microsoft OFFICE 2007 ENTERPRISSE Full [English] [AutoActivated] [32 - 64 bits] 1 Link

For some teams that have little capacity or support for many programs, better alternative to Office 2010 may be the older version Office 2007 takes up less hard drive space. This has the following versions Installer to install (just install Windows 32 or 64 bits):
-Word        -Excel         -Power Ponit         -Access         -Publisher         -Info Patch         -Outlook

In low-capacity equipment may choose to install only the necessary module:


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